MOUs & Tie-Ups – Aditya Pachpande

MOUs & Tie-Ups

Babson College

Instrumental in securing an MOU of strategic partnership with Babson College, bringing their flagship groundbreaking Family Entrepreneurship program to India. This initiative centres on an immersive learning journey where parents and children collaboratively engage. Having personally participated in this program at Babson in Boston in 2019, I offered a tailored approach, addressing the nuances of Indian family enterprises. The primary aim is dual-pronged: to strengthen the entrepreneurial foundation in family-led businesses and subsequently boost national economic progress.

Harvard Student Agencies

Secured an MOU with Harvard Student Agencies and co-designed a certification program on Innovation and entrepreneurship for students. Led sessions on Innovation that benefited diverse groups of students from countries including Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, India, and the Middle East, fostering global perspectives and leadership skills. In October 2021, I forged a pivotal partnership with Harvard Student Agencies at Harvard University.

This strategic alliance facilitates the rollout of avant-garde programs in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, granting students unparalleled educational experiences. Under this collaboration, NextGenInnov8 has already launched the cocreated, co-delivered “Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Young Leaders program”. Notably, NextGenInnov8 has already hosted numerous global cohorts, offering the ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Young Leaders’ program—a truly exceptional course designed to equip young minds with the 21st-century skills vital for their future success. We have trained 100+ students from India, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, UAE, Singapore, the UK, etc. This partnership represents a landmark step in nurturing the next generation of global leaders and innovators.

Crowdfunding Course

In collaboration with Fueldream, a premier Indian crowdfunding platform, I pioneered, designed and launched a transformative master course on Social Innovation and crowdfunding. This initiative democratized access to funding and catalyzed innovation, with my leadership at the forefront of social innovation sessions. Engaging over 2,000 participants across 150 Indian institutions, we successfully raised close to INR 30 Lakhs. This substantial fund directly facilitated the distribution of over 2,500 COVID-19 Suraksha Boxes to those in need, making a resonant societal impact. The course’s objective was to enlighten participants from varied educational backgrounds and instil in them the power of crowdfunding as a tool for tangible societal change.

Philip Kotler's eWMS Initiative in India

I spearheaded the introduction of the Electronic World Marketing Summit (eWMS) 2021 in India in partnership with Alpha Omega Infosolution. This world’s largest marketing groundbreaking summit was the initiative of esteemed Professor Dr. Philip Kotler.

Achievements and Impact:

Facilitated participation for 500+ Indian students and faculties via Nextgeninnov8.

The event featured over 101 world-renowned speakers, offering a 48-hour non-stop global broadcast with participation from 160+ countries.

The summit drew attention from 160+ countries, delving deep into 30+ pivotal topics led by global and community forerunners.