Awards & Achievements – Aditya Pachpande

Awards & Honors:

Aditya is a distinguished innovator, garnering global acclaim for his exceptional work. Recognized by the Indian Prime Minister, he pioneered the UVC Suraksha Box, validated by the government’s prestigious laboratory. Aditya’s achievements range from being named a Young Innovator at the Aegis Graham Bell Awards and receiving a Certificate of Appreciation at the Global Child Prodigy Awards in Dubai. He was also honored with the Young Innovator Award at the ASMA Annual Convention & Awards 2019 and the Child Innovator Award at the 5th Dialogue India Academic Conclave 2019 in Dubai. Aditya’s accolades extend to the Young Innoventurer Award at Innoventure 2020 and the Youngest International Youth Ambassador Award at the IYLIF 2018 Conference in Singapore. His impressive accomplishments include setting a world record solidifying his status as a trailblazer in innovation and youth empowerment.


Recognition by the Prime Minister of India: Received a personal commendation from Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi for the development and implementation of the “Suraksha Box Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Sterilization Box” in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Lauded for the innovative use of ultraviolet-C rays and the initiative to distribute the Suraksha Box to the needy through NGOs, government networks, and CSR arms of corporations. I, was acknowledged as a “Corona Warrior” for significant contributions in aiding communities during the health crisis.

Youngest Entrepreneur Award 2024' at the DCCIA Conclave

Aditya Pachpande has been honored with the prestigious ‘Youngest Entrepreneur Award 2024’ at the DCCIA Conclave. The recognition, bestowed by Hon. Shri Chandrakant Dada Patil, Maharashtra State’s Higher & Technical Education Minister, serves as a resounding endorsement of NextGenInnov8’s unwavering dedication to innovation.

Surrounded by distinguished personalities such as Hon. Dr. Raghunath Ji Mashelkar, a Padma Vibhushan awardee, the event celebrated the entrepreneurial spirit and the transformative power of innovation. This accolade not only validates Aditya’s vision but also ignites a renewed fervor within the NextGenInnov8 team to continuously strive for excellence and push the boundaries of innovation.

Awarded a Certificate of Appreciation at the Global Child Prodigy Award 22, held in Dubai, for contributions to Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Global Child Prodigy Awards, renowned for celebrating exceptional young talents worldwide, provided a platform to showcase the impact of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Receiving this Certificate of Appreciation is not merely a personal achievement; it symbolizes the collective efforts invested in the pursuit of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Received an Award of Excellence as a “young innovator” in the innovative preventive measures category at the 11th edition of Aegis Graham Bell Awards

This accolade is a testament to the dedication and ingenuity poured into crafting inventive solutions. The innovative preventive measures category, known for its stringent criteria, underscored the significance of the solution I presented. This recognition validates the hard work and ignites a deeper commitment to innovation and societal impact.

“Child Innovator Award” at the 5th Dialogue India Academic Conclave 2019- Dubai.

“Youngest International Youth Ambassador Award” at the IYLIF 2018 conference in Singapore

Child Prodigy and Innovator Award by IIT-Delhi

On 26/09/2020, my invention, the UVC Suraksha Box, received approval and endorsement from CSIR-CMERI, an ICMR-approved lab under the Govt. of India, for sterilization and protection against the coronavirus.

Got an opportunity to be a part of the Crimson Youth Entrepreneurship Society (CYES), a nonprofit accelerator run by Harvard University students dedicated to helping young founders create meaningful impacts in their communities and beyond

Received a world record certificate on October 2nd for creating a world recorder assembling the maximum number of DIY Covid UVC Suraksha kits in a single day. These kits can be used for self-protection or donated to the needy, underprivileged, and frontline workers to protect against viruses & bacteria.

Alexa Quiz Initiative Amidst Covid-19:

Developed and coded a multilingual, interactive COVID-19 awareness quiz, accessible via Alexa and Facebook, bolstered global understanding regarding pandemic protocols. This initiative, meticulously designed to enhance public health education and promote safe practices, successfully impacted over 15,000 individuals from diverse backgrounds, aiding them in navigating through the pandemic safely and informally.

Young Innovator Award_ 2019 at the ASMA Annual Convention & Awards 2019

“Young Innoventurer Award” at the Innoventure 2020

World Education Summit 2019 by ELETS

“Student Innovator Award” at the CEGR- School Education Summit 2019

“Child Prodigy & Innovator Award” at National Leadership Summit on Women & Education 2019

All Awards

  • Since 2017, I have been consistently awarded with the Blue, Gold, and Silver Star awards at my school Indus, prestigious honors that commend excellence in academics, extracurricular activities, and innovative initiatives beyond the classroom setting.