About me – Aditya Pachpande

About Aditya Pachpande

Aditya, the founder of Nextgeninnov8, embarked on this remarkable journey at age 14, creating a company that has now established legal entities in India and the USA. Nextgeninnov8 has forged significant partnerships with prestigious institutions such as Harvard Student Agencies at Harvard University, Babson College, and Knovo Singapore. Aditya’s company offers transformative programs to young aspiring entrepreneurs through these alliances. Nextgeninnov8 has made a global impact by creating four vibrant communities and hosting several international events, summits, and award ceremonies.

Furthermore, Aditya and Nextgeninnov8 are on the cusp of launching two cutting-edge technology platforms: “BrainPulses,” a dynamic quiz platform, and the “Innovation Club.” These platforms are poised to extend their reach to schools worldwide, revolutionizing educational experiences and nurturing innovation from an early age. Aditya’s story and the trajectory of Nextgeninnov8 serve as a testament to his exceptional leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and dedication to driving positive change.


  • Summer Business Academy 1 & 2 at Harvard Business School in 2019
  • Summer Coding Academy at Harvard Business School in 2019
  • Entrepreneurial Family Program at Babson College, Boston in 2019
  • ‘Youth Creativity, Innovation and Sustainable Leadership Innovation Toolkit Workshop’ at Stanford University in 2019
  • ‘Technology and the 2020 Election: How Silicon Valley Technologies Impact Our Elections and Shape Our Democracy’ at Stanford University in 2019


  • Research Paper presented at the Future of Learning Conference 2020 – ‘Voice Assistant – Alexa: A Learnability Tool for New Era of Education’ at IIM Bangalore
  • Signed an MOU with Harvard Student Agencies (Affiliated to Harvard University) to bring the Summer Business Academy Program to India in 2019
  • COVID-19 Awareness Quiz on Alexa – Coded an informative and interactive quiz to spread awareness at COVID-19.
  • ‘Child Innovator Award’ at the Dialogue India Academic Conclave, Dubai in 2019
  • ‘Young Innovator Award’ at the ASMA Annual Convention & Awards 2019
  • ‘Young Innoventurer Award’ at India’s 1st National Level Ideation & Entrepreneurship Challenge for School Children – 2020
  • ‘Student Innovator Award’ at CEGR-School Education Summit 2019
  • ‘Youngest International Youth Ambassador Award’ at the IYLIF Conference, Singapore 2019
  • ‘Child Prodigy and Innovator Award’ at the National Leadership Summit on Women and Education 2019.