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Aditya has delivered keynote addresses and talks at various prestigious organizational platforms such as AWS, IIT Delhi, Economic Times, NDTV, NWSX, Summerhill, DIDAC, Neoway, Navbharat, Innoventure, CEGR, and Rotary. He has delivered over 30+ talks at various global and corporate events, reaching an audience of over 200,000 as the youngest speaker at prestigious global/national summits and events in the USA, Europe, Singapore, UAE, and India.

AWS Imagine Conference

In 2019, I had the privilege of becoming the youngest speaker at the AWS Imagine Conference in Seattle, a global gathering that transcended geographical boundaries and brought together innovative minds from diverse sectors. During my session, I delved into the future of cloud computing, discussing emerging trends and innovative technologies. The conference, hosting a staggering 1,800 registrants and 800 attendees, served as a vibrant melting pot where I shared my insights with industry leaders, technophiles, and innovators from 33 different countries.

This unique platform facilitated knowledge exchange and invaluable networking opportunities. Amidst seasoned professionals, I not only imparted my knowledge but also absorbed profound insights from their experiences. 

The event, with 42% representation from Higher Education, 7% from EdTech, and 4% from K12 sectors, emphasized the pivotal role of education in the tech landscape. Notably, 48% of attendees were partners and representatives from various sectors. This diverse participation underscored the significance of collaboration and the amalgamation of different perspectives in fostering technological innovation.

What made this experience even more impactful was its setting under the theme “IMAGINE: A Better World, A Global Nonprofit Conference,” hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This global nonprofit conference attracted  65% of attendees hailing from the US and a significant 35% from outside the US. This international representation showcased the conference’s global reach, where participants explored the strategic use of technology to enhance social and environmental progress.

Being the youngest speaker at this prestigious event was a humbling experience that underscored the pivotal role of youth voices in shaping the technological landscape.

AWS Imagine conference, Seattle

Inspiring Minds at City University

In 2019, I had the privilege of delivering a guest lecture on Design Thinking at City University in Seattle. The session was an engaging exploration of innovative problem-solving methodologies, focusing on empathy-driven approaches to design challenges.

During the lecture, I shared real-world case studies, interactive activities, and practical insights into the application of design thinking in various industries. The aim was to inspire students and faculty members to think creatively, empathize with end-users, and approach problem-solving with a human-centered mindset.

The interactive nature of the session encouraged lively discussions and idea exchanges, fostering a dynamic learning environment. Being part of this academic exchange allowed me to impart knowledge and learn from the students. The experience at City University, Seattle, remains a cherished memory in my journey as an educator and innovator.

Speaking Engagement @ DIDAC Asia

In my esteemed role as a speaker at DIDAC, Asia’s largest exhibition and conference for education and training resources, I had the privilege to contribute significantly to the vibrant landscape of educational innovation. During this pivotal event, I shared profound insights on transformative teaching methodologies, the seamless integration of technology in classrooms, and the future trajectory of education. My talk was not merely informational; it was crafted to inspire educators, administrators, and stakeholders, urging them to reenvision the learning experience for students.

Emphasizing interactive and engaging teaching techniques, my discourse underscored the transformative power of immersive learning. I discussed the incorporation of virtual tools and the cultivation of a creative atmosphere within educational institutions. The discussion delved deep into practical strategies, emphasizing the paramount importance of adapting to the evolving needs of the digital age.

It is Asia’s largest and India’s only event dedicated to the education sector, and it was inaugurated by international ministers & ministerial delegates from 15 countries, 7 state ministers, bureaucrats and key education stakeholders.It serves as a pivotal meeting place for educators, policymakers, industry experts, and various stakeholders. This event provides a unique platform for the teaching community, enabling them to explore and comprehend the utilization and implementation of technological advancements. With a successful legacy spanning 10 years, DIDAC boasts a remarkable 90% exhibitor retention ratio, attracting over 1,000 exhibitors and more than 100,000 visitors. The event has facilitated the signing of over 100 MOUs and has drawn participants from 29 Indian states and 3 Union Territories. Furthermore, it has welcomed exhibitors from 32 countries, making it a truly international platform for educational exploration and collaboration.

BECON 2019, IIT Delhi

Being extended the honor of delivering the keynote address at BECON 2019, IIT Delhi, was a momentous occasion in my journey as a speaker and innovator. The event, was held on 1st March and acknowledged my contributions through a remarkable platform to share insights, inspire change, and foster a spirit of innovation.

The ceremony was illustrious due to the presence of Dr. V. Ramgopal Rao, Director of IIT Delhi, an esteemed figure in the academic and research community.

My keynote speech, delivered at the grand opening ceremony, revolved around the theme of innovation and its transformative power in today’s dynamic world. I emphasized the role of young minds in shaping the future and encouraged an entrepreneurial mindset that thrives on creative thinking, adaptability, and a passion for innovation.

Receiving a token of honor from IIT Delhi, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in India, was a humbling and profound moment. It symbolized their recognition of the efforts and initiatives I had undertaken in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.

BECON 2019, the Annual Business and Entrepreneurship Conclave of IIT Delhi, is among the most prominent colloquiums in India. As the youngest keynote speaker, I was privileged to contribute to this forum, sharing my perspective on innovation, education, and entrepreneurship. The event provided an opportunity to inspire the next generation of innovators, instill a sense of purpose, and encourage them to become agents of change.


ET Global Business Summit – 2019

At the distinguished 5th Economic Times Global Business Summit, hailed as the “Davos of the East”, I was privilaged to be the youngest speaker there. Prime Minister Narendra Modi headlined the event with his keynote with global leaders, industry magnates, and visionaries from over 20 countries, including luminaries like Guy Kawasaki, Marshall Goldsmith, Chris Tung, Nathan Blecharczyk, Martin Eberhard, Martin Sorrell, GP Hinduja, Micheal Wand, James Root, Nandan Nilkeni, Sadguru, Chetan Bhagat, Manu Kumar Jain graced the occasion. This summit, attended by over 2000 delegates from nations such as the UK, Ireland, and Oman, presented an unparalleled platform for the exchange of groundbreaking ideas and networking.

My discourse at this summit delved into the rapidly changing global business environment, underscoring the convergence of innovation, technology, and sustainability. I explored the pivotal role of digital technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain in revolutionizing business paradigms. Moreover, I championed the essence of sustainability in today’s corporate ethos. Through a blend of real-world success stories and forward-thinking concepts, I endeavored to galvanize the audience into reimagining their business strategies, bearing in mind the wider societal implications.


World Education Summit – 2019

At the esteemed World Education Summit 2019, I had the honor of addressing a diverse audience of education enthusiasts, experts, and innovators on the pivotal topic of ‘Innovation in Education’.The World Education Summit is the premier international platform dedicated to innovations and creative actions in the education sector. Here, top decision-makers share insights with on-the-ground practitioners and collaborate to rethink and find out various emerging opportunities in the education landscape at present and in future.

My presentation delved into the transformative power of innovation within the educational sphere. I emphasized the integration of cutting-edge technologies, the importance of adaptive learning systems, and the role of educators as facilitators of creativity and critical thinking. Through real-world examples and success stories, I illuminated the path toward a more dynamic and engaging learning environment.

I discussed the impact of gamified learning experiences, virtual reality tools, and interactive digital platforms in capturing students’ attention and enhancing their understanding.

100th Summerhill Festival

I had the privilege to conduct an enriching online session during the 100th Summerhill Festival, a momentous event that brought together students and speakers from across the globe. With a thousand eager participants and over 50 esteemed speakers, the session provided a vibrant platform for learning and exchange of ideas.
During the session, I engaged the students with interactive discussions, inspiring talks, and thought-provoking activities. It was a fantastic opportunity to share knowledge, motivate young minds, and foster a sense of global community among the participants.
The diverse perspectives shared by speakers from various backgrounds enriched the discussion, creating an intellectually stimulating environment. The event not only enhanced the participants’ understanding but also encouraged them to think critically and creatively.

Igniting Minds: INNOVENTURE 2020

Being selected as the keynote speaker at INNOVENTURE 2020 was a profound honor, a responsibility I embraced with utmost dedication. The event stood as a vibrant nucleus of innovation, bringing together brilliant minds and visionaries from diverse fields.

In my keynote address, I delved into the theme of ‘Innovation Beyond Boundaries.’ I underscored the crucial need to surpass conventional limitations and embrace unconventional thinking to foster genuine innovation. I shared compelling narratives of individuals and companies that dared to challenge norms, exploring uncharted territories and reshaping our perception of innovation. Additionally, I emphasized the pivotal role of collaboration and interdisciplinary approaches in propelling innovation forward. Diverse perspectives and cross-industry partnerships, I stressed, are essential in igniting fresh ideas and accelerating progress.

INNOVENTURE 2020 transcended the typical confines of a conference; it evolved into a wellspring of inspiration. With a rich legacy spanning 8 years, INNOVENTURE has touched more than 100 cities, engaged with over 400 schools, and inspired over 50,000 students, making a substantial impact on the landscape of innovation and education.

14th NeoWAY Edition (Wisdom Accelerator for Youth)

Being invited as a youth speaker at the 14th edition of NeoWAY in 2021 was a profound opportunity to inspire and empower the next generation. NeoWAY, a Wisdom Accelerator for Youth, stands as a testament to the power of knowledge and mentorship in shaping young minds for a better tomorrow.

In my role as a speaker, I embarked on a mission to ignite passion and instill resilience in the hearts of the young audience. My talk, titled ‘Navigating Dreams: From Vision to Victory,’ aimed to bridge the gap between aspirations and achievements. I shared personal anecdotes and transformative stories of individuals who overcame challenges to reach remarkable heights, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and self-belief.

Furthermore, I delved into the realm of innovation and creativity, urging the young minds to explore their unique talents and ideas. I emphasized the importance of curiosity and continuous learning in today’s rapidly evolving world. The session also delved into the significance of empathy and social responsibility.

SMX Women Entrepreneurship – 2023

It was a profound honor to deliver the keynote address at the esteemed SMX Women Entrepreneurship, Innovation Conclave, and Awards 2023. Standing alongside over 20 celebrated leaders, including industry veterans, government enterprises, and think tanks, I had the opportunity to underscore the transformative influence of women in the realms of business and innovation.

During my speech, I passionately emphasized the imperative of nurturing a supportive ecosystem for women entrepreneurs, urging them to fearlessly pursue their innovative visions. I shared compelling real-life examples of successful female entrepreneurs, illuminating the profound impact they have in shaping not just industries but entire communities.

Engaging deeply with the audience, I highlighted the pivotal role of innovation in fueling economic growth and empowering women economically. The experience further solidified my commitment to advocating for women’s entrepreneurship and innovation. It is imperative that their voices are not only heard but also celebrated. I firmly believe in championing their cause, ensuring they receive the recognition they rightfully deserve.

Moreover, the event was bolstered by the presence of esteemed partners and supporters such as RadioCity 91.1FM, Punawale Multispeciality Hospital, PKC, CII, and distinguished speakers like Zelam Chaubal- Director of Kesari Tours Pvt Ltd, Dr. Deepti Patil- CEO of Maharashtra Industry Development Association (MIDA), and Anita Kane- Senior Advisor at Pune Knowledge Cluster and many more. Their presence added layers of wisdom and expertise to the discussions, amplifying the event’s impact and reinforcing the significance of women’s entrepreneurship and innovation on a larger scale.

Empowering Futures on Women’s Day 2023

Being invited as a special guest at the Women Entrepreneurs, Innovators & Leaders event on Women’s Day 2023 was a truly enriching experience. Surrounded by a gathering of inspiring women, I had the honour of sharing insights and experiences on entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership.

The event provided a unique platform to celebrate the achievements of women entrepreneurs and leaders, fostering a sense of empowerment and solidarity. Addressing the audience, I emphasized the importance of women’s participation in shaping the future of businesses and communities.

Engaging with fellow speakers and attendees, I witnessed a vibrant exchange of ideas and a spirit of collaboration. The event reinforced the significance of supporting and uplifting women in various sectors, fostering a sense of unity and determination to create a more inclusive and equitable world.

5th Edition of Navabharat Education Conclave and Awards 2019

In 2019, I was bestowed with the honour to address the audience at the Navbharat Education Conclave and Awards, shedding light on the theme ‘Age is just a number, not a barrier to success.’ In a session that was concise yet profoundly impactful, I stressed the paramount importance of embracing one’s passion and potential, irrespective of age.

During this session, I shared compelling stories of individuals who defied societal norms and achieved remarkable success at various stages of life. Through these inspiring narratives, I aimed to ignite the spark of motivation within the audience, urging them to break free from age-related constraints and pursue their dreams relentlessly. Attendees were encouraged to introspect on their aspirations, considering the boundless possibilities that lie ahead. By challenging conventional notions of success, my objective was to instil a profound sense of confidence and purpose among the participants.

This address went beyond being a mere speech; it catalyzed personal and professional growth, reminding everyone that passion and determination recognize no age boundaries.

It is with great enthusiasm that I assume the role of a torchbearer, altering the winds of innovation in education. I am deeply honoured to be the keynote speaker at the 5th Edition of Navbharat Education Conclave and Awards 2019, held on 6th June in Mumbai. Sharing the stage with esteemed chief guests such as Honorable Shri Vinod Tawde Ji (Education Minister, Government of Maharashtra), Mr. Sudhir Mungantiwar (Finance Minister), and Mrs. Priyanka Chaturvedi (Spokesperson, Indian National Congress),  is a privilege that magnifies the significance of our collective mission to transform the landscape of education.

Leva Chamber of Commerce Industries & Agriculture Pune

In 2020, I had the honour of addressing the distinguished members of the Leva Chamber of Commerce, Industries, and Agriculture in Pune. The focal point of my session was ‘Design Thinking and Innovation for Business Growth,’ a topic paramount in today’s dynamic market landscape.

During the session, I delved into the strategic fusion of design thinking and innovation, elucidating their pivotal roles in fostering business growth. Through real-world examples and case studies, I showcased how businesses could harness the power of creativity and human-centric approaches to not only adapt to market changes but also lead transformative initiatives.

The response from the attendees was inspiring. Engaged in lively discussions, they explored innovative solutions to their own business challenges, leveraging the principles of design thinking. The session became a collaborative hub, where entrepreneurs shared insights, fostering a spirit of collective growth and learning.

My interaction with the vibrant business community of Pune was not just an exchange of ideas; it was a shared commitment to embracing change, driving innovation, and propelling businesses toward a prosperous future.

CEGR – School Education Summit 2019

Being the keynote speaker at the School Education Summit organized by the Centre for Education Growth and Research in 2019 was a profound experience. It was a platform where educational visionaries and change-makers converged to discuss the future landscape of learning.

In my keynote address, I delved into innovative teaching methodologies, the integration of technology in classrooms, and the importance of nurturing creativity and critical thinking among students. Through real-life examples and interactive discussions, I emphasized the significance of adaptive learning environments and student-centric approaches.

The audience, comprising educators, policymakers, and thought leaders, engaged in stimulating conversations, exchanging ideas that had the potential to transform education. The experience was not just about sharing insights; it was about igniting a collective passion for educational excellence and innovation.

Incon 2020 International Conference

At the esteemed International Conference (INCON) 2020, I had the privilege of delivering a presentation that delved into the cutting-edge realm of education technology. The focus of my talk was ‘Innovation in Teaching through Voice Assistant ALEXA,’ a topic that resonated deeply with educators and tech enthusiasts alike.

During the presentation, I elucidated how voice assistants, particularly ALEXA, could serve as transformative tools in the classroom. Demonstrating practical applications, I showcased how ALEXA could engage students in interactive learning experiences, making education dynamic and immersive. By illustrating real-life scenarios, I emphasized the potential of voice technology to revolutionize traditional teaching methods.

What set this presentation apart was its interactive nature. Engaging the audience in discussions, I encouraged educators to envision a future where voice technology seamlessly integrates into educational practices. The session became a platform for exchanging ideas, sparking conversations about the limitless possibilities of voice-assisted learning.

The response was overwhelming; attendees were not just passive listeners but active participants, sharing their insights and queries.

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