Aditya Pachpande – Child Prodigy, Young Innovator and Entrepreneur

About Aditya Pachpande

Aditya, the founder of NextGeninnov8, embarked on this remarkable journey when he was 14, creating a company that has now established legal entities in India and the USA. NextGeninnov8 has forged significant partnerships with prestigious institutions such as Harvard Student Agencies at Harvard University, Babson College, and Knovo Singapore. Aditya’s company offers transformative programs to young aspiring entrepreneurs through these alliances. NextGeninnov8 has made a global impact by creating four vibrant communities and hosting several international events, summits, and award ceremonies.

About NextgenInnov8

Nextgeninnov8 is an innovation-driven company dedicated to facilitating and bringing out innovative solutions and entrepreneurship skills by teaching 21st-century skills to the new generation to make them critical thinkers and develop their Entrepreneurial mindset.

Nextgeninnov8 boasts five remarkable communities: ASMA for Education Fraternity, Digital HR for Human Resource Professionals, SMX for Sales and Marketing Professionals and Entrepreneurs, ADMH for Healthcare Professionals and Family Business Forum for family businesses. Nextgeninnov8 has showcased its commitment to knowledge sharing and collaboration by hosting 20+ significant events, summits, and conferences, further amplifying its influence as a catalyst for positive change and innovation.

Aditya Pachpande founded the company and has since established offices in Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, and California.

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June 2024

World Student Innovation Summit

If you are a believer of an Innovation-driven future and want to understand how Innovation is adapted in schools, higher educational institutes, and corporates, you definitely need to be a part of this event! ...
16 Jun
10:30 am - 6:00 pm
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