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ASMA (Adoption of Social Media in Academia) is Nextgeninnov8’s pioneering research initiative dedicated to empowering educational institutions in India to harness the potential of digital and social media tools. ASMA addresses multifaceted challenges in academia from admissions to alumni relations, pedagogy to placements, and more. By providing insights, audits, and a transformative social media framework, ASMA is a catalyst for change in higher education, fostering growth and global outreach. It collaborates with thought leaders, academicians, and EduTech experts to drive innovation and benefit stakeholders across academia, enhancing communication, branding, and overall effectiveness.

DigitalHR, founded by Nextgeninnov8, is a dynamic community dedicated to ushering in a digital transformation in HR. At its core, DigitalHR serves as the ultimate platform for HR professionals, providing the knowledge and tools to leverage the power of digital technologies for HR practices and business objectives. With a keen focus on Digital Employer Branding, it aims to empower HR decision-makers, managers, professionals, and employees, fostering learning, collaboration, and networking in the ever-evolving landscape of HR.

SMX Network, an emerging community platform, is a vital resource for sales professionals, marketers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders. With a sharp focus on technology adoption and performance enhancement, it equips the community with knowledge, networking opportunities, and insights into upcoming trends and tools. Spanning diverse industries such as Automobile, Real Estate, Manufacturing, FMCG, BFSI, IT-ITES, Academia, Media, and entertainment, SMX fosters success by ensuring its members remain future-ready through webinars, publications, awards, and more.

ADMH is a dynamic community platform dedicated to enhancing healthcare marketing in today’s digitally driven world. It caters to healthcare professionals and the wellness industry, empowering them with digital strategies for practice and facility growth. In a landscape where marketing and digital are inseparable, ADMH offers valuable insights, case studies, conferences, and more, ensuring that healthcare marketers and industry stakeholders remain at the forefront of this transformative era. With an ecosystem spanning healthcare professionals, marketers, pharmaceutical companies, administrators, and government bodies, ADMH fosters collaboration and knowledge-sharing for the benefit of the healthcare sector.

Some of the community events hosted by NextgenInnov8

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