Design Thinking Workshop Conducted – Aditya Pachpande

Workshops Conducted

Aditya’s expertise in Design Thinking is recognized globally, leading him to conduct impactful workshops at esteemed educational institutions and corporate giants around the world. Noteworthy organizations, including IIT Delhi, SAP, Amdocs, CityU Seattle, Harvard Student Agencies, Symbiosis, LCCIA, and Rotary, have benefited from his innovative approach.

His influence extends across continents, having delivered over 10 engaging workshops and sessions on Design Thinking. These sessions have enlightened professionals and students in the USA, UAE, and India and have left a lasting impression, emphasizing the significance of human-centred problem-solving methodologies in today’s dynamic corporate landscape. Aditya’s dedication to spreading the essence of Design Thinking has significantly impacted various sectors, fostering creativity and innovation.