MISSION 15.1K – Aditya Pachpande


Nextgen Innov8 in association with Navbharat Times, brings you a very noble mission to help the needy and under-privileged during this global pandemic, MISSION-15.1K.

The COVID-19 situation has disrupted our daily lives, so much so that almost every day thousands of people in India alone are getting affected by this virus. The safety of the citizens has become the major concern for all the countries, especially for the needy and the under-privileged strata of the society, which may not have all the necessary means to keep them safe from the ill-effect of this pandemic.

Hard times have always enticed innovations from human minds and this time it’s a 14year old child prodigy and a young Innovator, Aditya Pachpande who created SURAKSHA BOX, an UV light sterilisation box that helps to fight bacteria, virus and any germs including COVID-19.

Aditya has pledged to support the needy and the under-privileged citizens of the country with his latest innovation, SURKASHA BOX. Commemorating the 151st birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, Aditya, has decided to donate 15100 Suraksha Kits to safeguard and protect the needy ones from this wrath of this virus.