Academic Achievement – Aditya Pachpande

Educational Enrichment: Summer Programs

  • Successfully completed 2 weeks residential Harvard Pre-college program in June 2023
  • Attended in person HBS Reunion program as guest in October 14-15,2022
  • Successfully completed in person Harvard Summer Coding Academy with an age waiver.
  • Accomplished Harvard Summer Business Academy 1 & 2 in person as the youngest participant with an age waiver.

  • Completed Introduction to the Entrepreneurial Experience: EPS 1110 in 2023, obtaining 4 credits with a cumulative GPA of 4.
  • Successfully completed residential the Entrepreneurial Family Program, 2019 as the youngest participant

  • Successfully completed an intensive 8-week residential Stanford University Summer Session program, earning 15 credits. Courses included:, Into the Metaverse, Creating Virtual Worlds,  Economics,  Digital Media and Social Networks,  Minds and Machines
  • ‘Youth Creativity, Innovation and Sustainable Leadership Innovation Toolkit Workshop’ in 2020
  • ‘Technology and the 2020 Election: How Silicon Valley Technologies Impact Our Elections and Shape Our Democracy’ in 2020

  • Completed a comprehensive Summer program at Oxford “Creative Writing” course in June 2021 by Oxford Royale Academy
  • Delved into the intricacies of Economics and Management Summer program at Oxford in July 2021 Oxford Royale Academy

  • Enriched understanding of technology at the Summer School on Remote Sensing & GIS for Environmental Studies