14-Year-Old Designs Sanitiser Kit For Sterilisation Of Vegetables, Receives Patent – Aditya Pachpande
Aditya Pachpande – Suraksha Box – News Coverage by NDTV India
October 2, 2020
Meet the 14-year-old teen who has designed a sanitiser kit for sterilising vegetables – Online Article by SocialStory
October 5, 2020

14-Year-Old Designs Sanitiser Kit For Sterilisation Of Vegetables, Receives Patent

A 14-Year old young boy has designed and patented COVID-19 ‘Suraksha Kit’ for protection against the coronavirus. The kit uses UV-C rays as a shield against the deadly virus. A resident of Chinchwad, Aditya Pachpande is a class IX student of Indus International School. Aditya’s role model is the business tycoon Elon Musk who is the chief designer of SpaceX. Inspired by the business magnate, Aditya has decided to carry on multiple things in his career. Aditya received a letter from the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Institute for his work, where they had stated that the sanitiser box can be recommended and applied for UV-C sterilization activities.

Aditya is also involved in giving out sanitiser boxes free of charge at various vegetable markets in the Dadar area of Mumbai. He claimed that his kit is responsible for solving one of the major issues faced by Indian households of disinfecting and cleaning the vegetables and grocery items. He also said that it was dangerous to use soaps or alcohol-based sanitisers on vegetables, and therefore he came up with this innovative idea. “This idea came up during the pandemic. as to how to sterilise vegetables. So, I did my own research using aluminium and how it can be used in a controlled environment, using potassium permanganate and exposing to sunlight, and eventually came up with the sanitiser box,” Aditya told The Indian Express. Aditya plans to make 1,000 more such similar sanitisation boxes and distribute them to the poor and needy people as soon as he receives the evaluation report from CSIR-CMERI.